Transcribe Your Podcast

Hannah and Kisa rocking some comfy looking black pullover hooded sweatshirts with bold white "Transcribe Your Podcast" logo printed on the front chest.

#TranscribeYourPodcast sweatshirts and t-shirts now available!

Transcribing your podcast widens your audience, improves SEO and diversifies the ways in which your message can be consumed. Most importantly, it makes your podcast more accessible to people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, those with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, non-native speakers or those that are just too dang busy to listen to an hour long episode. Let’s make transcribing podcasts the standard!

For every #TranscribeYourPodcast gear purchased, 30% of sales will be donated to Deaf Spotlight, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that inspires and showcases Deaf Culture and American Sign Language through the arts.

About Deaf Spotlight:

Deaf Spotlight, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and showcases Deaf Culture and American Sign Language through the arts was created by a group of artists, performers and supporters who needed an outlet for their talents. The “tipping point” was the idea of a Deaf film festival in Seattle inspired by World Deaf Cinema. Subsequently, a fantastic committee of passionate believers in giving back to the community through the arts pooled together a wide variety of skills and experience to establish Deaf Spotlight. You can learn more about Deaf Spotlight and the ways they illuminate the artist within every Deaf person at