Shutdown Sale


The gov’ment may have shut down today, but we’ll never shut down on you! Except for our location in Pioneer square, which has actually just recently been shut down.  We lasted exactly 3 years at 216 Alaskan Way South, our first retail store in Downtown Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district: the neighborhood in which we’ve been centrally located for the last 10 years. We’re still here, but have moved our screen printing and main office/headquarters into a basement in SW Seattle, where we will be working everyday…


Since then we’ve been slaving away in our new screen printing sweatshop!!!


To celebrate the transformation, we are launching a sale that I will call “THE SHUTDOWN SALE" named after the partial US federal government shutdown that went into effect today.  There are many items in stock with incredible discounts ranging from 30-75% OFF.

Check out the sale happpening now at


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